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Stonewater Books offers distribution into online and brick-and-mortar bookstores for independent authors. This unique business model provides
independent authors in the Christian market with distribution for their print books onto bookstore shelves and with online retailers.

New releases are aggregated through a single distributor in two sales cycles per year. Qualified authors have their titles presented to retailers, including bookstores and online sellers. No rights are granted to Stonewater Books or the distributor. Authors fully own all rights to their titles.

Best Selling Books By STONEWATER BOOKS

Wyatt: The Montana Marshalls, Book Four (Series)
by: Susan May Warren

by: Brandilyn Collins

Impactivity: What if you’re working hard on all the wrong things?
by: Tracy Higley

Once Upon A Montana Summer
by: Lisa T. Bergren

Once Upon an Alaska Summer
by: Lisa T. Bergren

Once Upon a Caribbean Summer
by: Lisa T. Bergren