Sometimes in the quest for ways to effectively communicate to potential buyers, companies get lost in the weeds of over thinking what needs to be said.

With promotions, instructions and disclaimers there can be lots of communication pieces generated on a variety of subjects. But HOW you communicate can potentially tell your clients more about you than WHAT you’re communicating.

Arguably one of the great lessons of social media proves customers are more interested in a “conversation” than an “ad.” Which is why re tooling your communication process to include humor may be one of the best and fastest ways to build community.

You’ve likely seen this one on Facebook, but the example of how one company approached the cooking instructions for their product, may become one of the most referenced examples of a company using humor effectively.

Black River Meats (as shown below) decided to take a non-conventional approach to the cooking instructions for their bacon. The result (fact check has a few hundred thousand views on Facebook and close to a million impressions on various social media platforms. People are not only responding to the humor in a positive way, but they are sharing the picture with friends and chiming in on the “we love bacon” band wagon.

Not since the “Where’s the Beef” commercials of the 1970’s, has a food company had as quick and positive of a response.

The best part for Black River Meats is they’re getting the best kind of advertising (viral). So for no production, print or commercial costs, the company has people talking about their product in a positive way and they’ve created a brand in just two sentences.

Advertising experts with Social Media Examiner say using humor can be tricky, but companies should always be on the look out for ways they can create communication pieces that include it. At minimum, communicating to your customer base in ways that sound more conversational and less “official sounding,” can create a big pay off.

So next time you’re creating a product push or wondering what to post on your stores Facebook page, consider taking a humorous approach to your communication and see if you can’t utilize the “Bacon Rule” to generate your own company buzz.