CBA Membership Benefits

Participate in the largest and most inclusive network shaping the future of the Christian products industry.

CBA is unique from other associations and groups in that we support the entire industry—from content creators to suppliers to retailers.

Join the global network
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Find support
Receive exclusive opportunities

The journey of providing Christian materials that promote faith and family is not an easy road. The demands are high but the need is great.

  • Stay informed through free publications that address important issues, relevant topics, and product information.
  • Gain more channels through networking with suppliers, buyers, artists and others.
  • Avoid mistakes and eliminate pitfalls through engaging in the collective wisdom of the worldwide Christian industry.
  • Renew your vision and expand your reach through opportunities such as UNITE and MarketSquare.
  • Receive discounts from our business solution providers for services including online training, company insurance, supplies, shipping, card processing and more.

Since CBA represents various types of business, we offer various types of membership. See below for membership types.