Bro. C.V. Vadavana of Truth/Sathyam Ministries and head of CBA India announced with CBA USA President Curtis Riskey an agreement to work together to expand ministry and Christian-product distribution in India.

During a meeting Friday, June 30, at UNITE 2017, CBA’s international convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, the two leaders agreed to a joint project to bring Christian businesses and a rights-and-licensing sales event to the 2018 World Christian Expo in Mumbai, India, Nov. 7-11, 2018.

Vadavana said, “The expo brings together Christians from abroad to share innovations, promote progress, and foster cooperation among fellow brethren.”

He said the event showcases many different attributes of Christendom in diverse disciplines such as international missions, media, music, films, writing, and book fairs. The Expo will appeal to Christian publishers, printers, and distributors, plus content creators for TV, radio, and digital technology.

CBA President Curtis Riskey, who visited Indian leaders during the 2016 World Christian Expo, said working together on such a project can help drive unity not only between international groups like CBA India and CBA USA, but also within India and with other nations.

“Christian leaders in India have identified that unity among Indian Christian organizations is very much needed to improve the development, production, and distribution of Christian resources for a growing church,” Riskey said. “Through shared goals and common commitments, our goal is to develop foundational principles to help Indian Christians maximize their opportunities in ministry with sound business practices.”

Riskey said this could include development of Christian literature distribution agreements, rights and licensing sales, and ministry and mission outreach both within India and around the world.

People from India have far-reaching impact around the world. Pew Research Center reports India is a top source of international migration, with nearly 16 million people born in India living in other countries. As one of the top migrant-origin countries since the United Nations began tracking global migration in 1990, India has a cultural presence in many nations.

Christianity is India’s third largest religion with approximately 28 million followers representing more than 2 percent of the country’s total population. Christianity has been a part of India since 52 AD when Thomas the Apostle visited Kerala on a missionary journey.