About CBA

We want to see the Kingdom of God expanded, and we believe widespread distribution of Christian products encourages and equips the Kingdom.

We are a long-standing international trade association who believes unity is imperative for Christian businesses – because it is a biblical mandate and because we are all more successful when we work together. Our mission is to supply vital connections, information, education, and encouragement to enable Christian product providers to reach all people.

We support and connect the entire global Christian products industry, which includes retailers, suppliers, publishers, distributors, authors, artists, filmmakers and others. We value and support the widespread distribution of Bibles, Christian books, curriculum, apparel, music, videos, gifts, greeting cards, children’s resources, and other materials to communities worldwide.

How do we serve the industry?

  1. We help the industry adapt to a changing world marketplace.
  2. We provide spiritual inspiration and encouragement to help refresh our members in their work.
  3. We provide publications, research, individual customer service and webinars to inform the industry reagarding best practices and trends as well as educate and offer practical support from technology solutions to marketing strategies.
  4. We host the largest international convention in our industry in order to connect all aspects of the industry.
  5. We help Christian businesses understand current events and business developments affecting the industry and how to respond accordingly.
  6. We navigate the international nuances of Christian business in order to guide the Christian products industry through varying cultures and business practices around the world.

CBA’s Role Through the Decades

We envision a strong, global network of Christian companies and individuals who work together to provide resources that glorify God around the world. Join our community and enjoy business support and encouragement from membership in a group that champions the purpose of the entire industry.