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Leadership in disruption panelists Chuck Wellington, Terry Hemmings, James Barnett, Mark Taylor, and Curtis Riskey (left to right) discuss new ideas and solutions for current retail challenges.

Collaboration and Visionary Leadership Shape the Retail Environment of the Future

When industry leaders sat down together in Cincinnati recently to talk frankly about some of the big issues facing the Christian retail channel, they did so on the heels of some welcome good news.


Use Book Tables to Be Present in Your Community

With book tables offering a valuable revenue stream and marketing opportunities, more brick-and-mortar stores are considering them as a way to extend their business. So we sought advice from a few of the leaders in the area to pass along some of their hard-won wisdom and experience.

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Sink or Swim?

July 20, 2016 / by / 0 Comment

If you were adrift at sea and someone threw you a life preserver, would you grab it? Most people would do whatever it took to get that floating ring, even reaching beyond physical limitations if it meant the chance for life. Yet, how many have actually said “no” to the life preserver and resigned themselves to perish when it came to their business?


CBA exclusive retail-product plan set

June 26, 2016 / by / 0 Comment

CBA, in a strategic partnership with Content Road Media, announced plans at UNITE 2016, CBA’s International Christian Retail Show, to ensure Christian stores become the source for latest Christian product releases through exclusive products and promotions. The program aims to create a new business model for Christian stores that gives them competitive advantage in a changing retail marketplace. CBA President Curtis Riskey said the exclusive products and promotion offers will help Christian stores provide distinctive faith and family-friendly offerings directly to the Christian community. Christian stores serve about 14 million households and total Christian-consumer buying power is estimated at more than $1 trillion.