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How to Increase Sales in Christian Book Stores

Are you giving up your positions? Fewer books sold? Fewer buyers come to you? What can you do to increase sales in your Christian book store?

Answers to these questions are suggested in this article.

1. Change the look and feel of your book store

Display books in a creative way. Decorate the walls. Move the shelves. Make small adjustments every month, while others, such as attractive seasonal installations, are appropriate for the season. Big changes such as expanding the range of services can be carried out every few years, as they are expensive. The bottom line is that changes, big or small, will grab the attention and potential customers.

2. Control the assortment of goods

What books are available? Bad books sell poorly. Build your business on top-of-the-line products that match your purpose and market, well-made, nice designs, and fair prices. They may sell slowly, but they generate income year after year.

3. Know your customers

Who buys your books? Parents buying books for their children? Pastors? Ordinary church members? The youth? There are many forms of market research. Some are more advanced but also more expensive. Others are simple and practically cost-free. You can serve your customers better if you know more about them.

4. Improve the work of the service personnel

When things go wrong, check the performance of your employees. Do they provide customers with a warm welcome? Do they go out of their way to make customers feel satisfied? Do they love books? Do they have sales skills and abilities? Have they ever attended book-selling courses or seminars? Help improve the performance of your staff.

5. Get involved in community activities

Find an idea that you can implement. Perhaps you can work with teachers to promote reading in local schools. Whatever public service you undertake, it should increase your public appearance and the promotion of your company and its products.

6. Say “amen” to the church

Improve your relationships in the church. Explore the churches in your area. Develop a strategy. Schedule meetings with church leaders. Show them samples of the range of Christian books you are offering. Invite them to your place. Offer help. View churches as your main source of potential clients. Once inside the church, you will have a unique opportunity to show what you have to offer.

7. Be mobile

If customers don’t come to you, go to them. I know one person who sold more books on crowded trains than many bookstores normally sell. Sell ​​books in churches, conferences, on the streets. This strategy increases your sales, but it also requires careful management. There are many details: obtaining the appropriate licenses, training implementers, and correct accounting.

8. Write editorials

Print and electronic media representatives are often looking for new and unusual articles that will attract their readers. Ask a politician to say something about the value of Christian books. Convince a popular author to express his or her thoughts on the issue of interest to the media. Typically, newspaper, radio and television workers want to collaborate with people who are doing good.

9. Start publishing a newsletter

Improve communication with customers. Please report updates. Submit testimonials from influencers and clients. Describe how you are improving the service you offer. Include stories of public interest. Print the fact sheet or send it by email. Minimize production costs.

10. Provide choices for your customers

I remember two Christian bookstores in Wellesley, Boston. One of them presented a limited number of gospel brochures. Another offered a wide variety of books, including national politics, regional economics, and Christian life. The second was always overflowing with enthusiastic buyers, while the first was practically empty and, as a result, I guess, was later closed.

A decline in sales indicates that something is running out in your business, so use the offers available to you to boost your sales.

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