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$0.34 Canadian Pharmacy Viagra Pill – Detailed, Actual Guideline

Viagra is the very first and still the most popular drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Its effectiveness has been proven by years of practice. According to Canadian Pharmacy, the production of Viagra fosters the production of generics like Viagra Soft, Viagra Professional, Super Force, and Super Active Plus.

Canadian pharmacy ezzz picks up as much information as possible about generic Viagra. You may read about and buy this erectile dysfunction drug here. Let’s get started!$0.34 Canadian Pharmacy Viagra Pill - Detailed, Actual Guideline

History of creation

This drug appeared about 15 years ago. A German company carried out trials of a drug implied for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. One of the drug side effects was an erection in the presence of sexual excitement. In the course of further development and clinical trials, Viagra appeared. The creation process lasts for long. As a result, generics start to overcrowd pharmacy shelves. The manufacturing process doesn’t require formula development as it has been already known. Generic manufacturers have the right to use this data after the moment the brand-name Viagra patent has expired.

Mode of application

How long does Canadian Viagra work?

In order for this drug to start working, a certain concentration in the blood should be achieved. Only then Sildenafil will reach the cavernous bodies of the penis. After that, Viagra for men starts to provide an effect. The pill effect usually lasts about 5 hours.

Numerous clinical studies conducted in different countries with different groups of people (by age, social status, general health, belonging to a particular race) gave unambiguous data. With such clinical trials, scientists have very accurately determined how much it requires to sildenafil to start acting. Here is what they managed to discover:

Based on these data, an instruction for the use was created. It is clearly indicated you need to take Viagra 60 minutes before the estimated time for the start of sexual intercourse. Sildenafil will not begin to act earlier than 30 minutes after ingestion.

What to do if Viagra doesn’t work?

The first and most obvious recommendation is to wait for several hours. Further waiting no longer makes sense. If the drug has not acted within 120 minutes after administration, then it will no longer work. There will be no erection and no successful intercourse.

It has no sense to wait for the effect to come because the Viagra effect lasts for 5 hours. Repeated Viagra use in such cases is not recommended. Most likely, the second pill will provide also no effect.

It is better to wait until tomorrow and repeat the dose, after making sure that the action of all constraining factors is minimized:

If you still decide to take a second pill, then remember that the maximum daily limit of sildenafil is only 100 mg. A greater dose will not increase effectiveness, but it will definitely lead to the manifestation of very unpleasant side effects.

How often can I take Viagra?

The manufacturer recommends taking Viagra no more than once a day. If you took a tablet of Canadian Pharmacy Ezzz analog, regardless of the dose (25, 50, 100mg) at 16 pm, then the next dosage can be taken no earlier than at 16 pm the next day.

Be careful not to lessen this period. It is unlikely that sildenafil will affect you if you overdose. But side effects, such as a runny nose, diarrhea, or even temporary blindness, may appear.

Viagra in the body of a healthy man: what happens?

Sildenafil is prescribed for use by those men who have experienced erectile dysfunction. If you are absolutely healthy, then there is no sense in taking these pills. Your body will cope with the task of having and maintaining an erection on its own. But what if you drink it being too curious?

Viagra from Canadian Pharmacy has passed many clinical trials to ensure its safety. However, like any other pill, Viagra has a whole bunch of side effects – from such “innocent” ones like nasal congestion to those frightening like visual impairment.

The fact that Viagra goes blind is not a myth. Although this side effect does not happen often, manufacturers warn of the possibility of various visual impairments, such as loss of clarity and increased sensitivity to light.

Moreover, Viagra still has one advantage for healthy men. A study published in the journal Human Reproduction in January 2000 showed that when a healthy man takes this drug, he has a shorter refractory period (a break between two sexual intercourses). It lasts about 10 minutes.

But if in order to significantly reduce the refractory time or to increase your productivity in bed many times, you will exceed the recommended dosage, be ready for the negative consequences.

The following side effects may appear as the risk of a heart attack or an unnatural, long erection. Priapism is very painful and may very well provoke the development of gangrene.

Therefore, in the presence of erectile dysfunction, it is recommended to consult a doctor, buy the drug from a reliable seller like we are and clearly follow the instructions for use. If you are healthy, then do not make riskful experiments, which are able to turn you into a disabled person.

What happens if a woman takes Viagra?

What happens if a woman takes Viagra_However, the effect of sildenafil (Viagra) on the female body is indeed an interesting topic. The scientific studies are not very encouraging. While this drug increases blood flow to the genitals and is useful for enhancing libido, it does not seem to have any effect on sexual desire. So, if a woman has problems with libido, Viagra will not help her. Sildenafil may not be very helpful for girls, but does it do any harm?

Unfortunately, there has been little scientific research on the negative effects of Viagra on women. Canadian Pharmacy cannot rule out that there may be other gender-specific effects that women face more often than men. Moreover, medium-term/long-term risks are still unknown.

So if you make a woman take Viagra, she certainly will not feel an attack of uncontrolled sexual desire, but her health can be damaged.

Some women actually try Viagra and claim that it helps them. In any case, a woman should consult a doctor about taking special female pills – Pink Female Viagra.

Why is Viagra from Canadian Pharmacy so special?

There is nothing special in this generic of Viagra but the price, quality, and accessibility. This type of sildenafil has not been produced in Canada but sold under the regulation of this country. All preparations containing sildenafil are produced according to the Indian FDA certificates.

The majority of Canadian Viagra analogs are produced online. It doesn’t mean they are of poor quality. They meet all the quality requirements as the branded Viagra does. Besides, the therapeutic effect of the generic is similar to a brand-name Viagra. Canadian Pharmacy has not cooperated with manufacturers producing “magic” pills.

All the mentioned above helps to reduce the price for these ED pills making them available for men of different classes. It doesn’t matter how much you earn, it is allowable to buy these pills. It should, first of all, stimulate branded manufacturers to reduce prices but this game is not worth the price. Otherwise, the manufacturers won’t cover the expenses on the production and advertising Viagra.

Scientists have discovered the unexpected effect of Viagra

American researchers have found that taking Viagra can reduce the incidence of colon cancer.

This effect has so far been revealed only in mice; experiments with humans have not yet been conducted.

Researchers at Augusta State University (Georgia) have studied the side effects of sildenafil (the main component of Viagra) in mice. They found that a small drug dose in animal drinking water significantly reduces the risk of colorectal cancer.

A small dose of sildenafil can reduce the number of tumors in these animals by 50%. Scientists have shown that a daily dose decreases the formation of polyps in mouse tissue. Polyps are abnormal clusters of cells that form on the intestinal membrane and tend to become tumors. According to the authors, sildenafil stimulates the synthesis of cyclic guanosine monophosphate, an important component of the membranes of epithelial cells, which line the intestines from the inside.

At the same time, apparently, Viagra can not be used to combat tissue that has already become cancerous. It could be a good means of cancer prevention. The next step for scientists will be a similar study in people who are at increased risk of developing colon cancer.

Is Viagra still effective for cardiac problems?

There is no clear answer about whether Viagra is still effective for cardiac problems.

Scientists from the Montreal Heart Institute suggested using sildenafil to prevent heart complications in patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

This genetically determined disease affects 1 in 4 000 – 5 000 born boys. Changes in the gene encoding produce the dystrophin protein, which ensures the stability of the striated muscles during contraction. Such patients begin to develop numerous complications before the age of 6 years. By age 12, most of them become disabled.

In experiments on MDX mice, which have the same problems with dystrophin as in sick people, scientists have shown an improvement in heart function when taking Viagra. The scientists even increased the load with the help of isoproterenol – a substance related to adrenaline, but even in such extreme conditions, the heart of the mice doesn’t suffer.

Scientists explain the effect by the high level of the intracellular signal mediator (the so-called secondary messenger) of cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate), supported by the use of Viagra. An increased level entails a slight vessel expansion, which is enough to fill the cavernous bodies with blood. As scientists have now shown it can protect the heart under heavy loads.

However, we can recall that the main side effects of Viagra are just numerous cardiovascular diseases and even heart attacks that develop with significantly increasing sexual activity. As a result, it is still unknown whether this drug can be used in cardiac diseases’ treatment.

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