Things to watch for in gifts and décor for your store.

There’s no doubt that Joanna Gaines and her popular HGTV show, Fixer Upper, were a tremendous influence on décor in 2017. Gifts followed suit with neutral colors, word art, vintage styles, reclaimed wood, and more that are favorites of this talented designer. Farmhouse style has captured the limelight, but what’s next on the horizon in 2018?

Many style watchers are weighing in on what to expect to see in home décor. The gift market follows décor in trending styles and mediums.

Greenery and Wabi Sabi are two design elements that are trending in 2018.


Succulents were a “thing” in 2017 and likely not going away soon. Everybody seems to love these easy-care plants with the simple lines they bring both as live and as floral/gift décor. And as an alternative to this favorite home accent is patterned greenery (think hostas).

Greenery, in general, is trending as a way to add some natural elements to any room of a home. Watch for items that help bring the outdoors into home décor and in range of gift products available.


Get ready for Wabi Sabi, a contemporary style that embraces imperfection and authenticity—which will definitely appeal to millennials. Chipped and rough wood, mixed textures of metal and wood, ceramic with imperfections, and all things with a storied past are part of the Wabi Sabi trend in design. Handmade and hand-painted items (or at least made to look that way) will be a “thing” in 2018.


In everything from wall décor to floors, bold patterns are something to watch. Wallpaper is one way to get the look, but many people will likely prefer to “stick just a toe into the water” of this trend.

Framed art and canvases with strong color (jewel tones are on the list of what’s hot for many decorators) and geometric shapes will help the DIY decorator get the look with little less commitment.


Glinting in the trend-watcher chatter is the polish and patina of metallic finishes. In addition to gold/brass or silver and pewter colors, look for more mixed metals to find their way into both gifts and décor.

Gold and silver are shown together instead of just one or the other in home design. Cooper and rose gold warm tones can be mixed in, too.


Bare walls are “out” according to trend lists. Gallery wall style (groupings of wall décor in different mediums), large art, and more give decorators great options to set the tone and style of a room. That’s good news for stores that love the margins that wall décor afford their bottom lines.

DIY looks and repurposed items are still a big influence in design, especially to those who love farmhouse style or inspirational hand lettering or word quotes. However, some reclaimed wood styles may be waning according to some trendy decorators. Early adopters of new styles (for those who are familiar with the trend bell curve) will be on to the next big thing, but the majority of people and late adopters of trends will still be looking for these items at least through 2018 and most likely beyond.

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—Sherry Morris