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Summer Fitzgerald, Head Pharmacist

Summer Fitzgerald is a head pharmacist in our online pharmacy. Her experience in the pharmaceutical business is over 15 years. She has graduated from Perelman School of Medicine, Pennsylvania. She is married, has two children: a son and a daughter. Now, she lives in Canada. In her spare time, she arranges events with the family spending time outside.

Alfie Daly, Pharmacist

Alfie Daly is a pharmacist with a 5-year experience. He has graduated from Baylor College of Medicine. He has moved to Canada in 2012. He believes this country is the best place for living. He is single. Alfie is fond of computers and IT-technologies. He helps the IT-department to cope with technical problems with the website operation.

IT-department staff

James Stone, IT-specialist

James Stone is a talented, experienced computer-genius. He controls, regulates the operation of the website. He is also responsible for the security of customers’ personal data and transactions. He has graduated from the University Of British Columbia. He is single. His only admiration is computers and different gadgets. His only family is a dog, Mark. He is a collaboration with Alfie Daly.

Authors and editors

Daisy Morley, a copywriter

Daisy Morley is a copywriter. She has a medical education got in the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine. She is 30 years old and single. She is fond of the medical sphere. She admires to collect info and make people aware of this or that medical and pharmaceutical facts and problems.

Lauren Parry, a copywriter-editor

Lauren Parry is a self-taught person. She collects copywriter background herself visiting different webinars and conferences. Now, she is a prosperous copywriter engaged in this activity for over 5 years. She lives in the United States of America because her profession is remote.