Pure Flix, the studio behind God’s Not Dead, will release Samson in theaters nationwide on Feb. 16. Starring Billy Zane, Rutger Hauer, and Jackson Rathbone, the action-packed film is based on the Old Testament account of Samson, a champion chosen by God to deliver Israel.

Filmed in Stellenbosch, South Africa, the theatrical adaptation also features Lindsay Wagner, Caitlin Leahy, and Taylor James as Samson.

“This is one of those biblical characters that went off and did his own thing, pursued his own desires, and his own will, and the story portrays that,” says Michael Scott, one of the film’s producers, who is also the co-founder and CEO at Pure Flix. “But, also, if you’re willing to humble yourself and come before the Lord, and really do that, then the Lord can bless you, and the blessings can come upon you. And, the Lord can restore anybody, no matter how far they’ve fallen, and He can restore them to a place of prominence, and ultimately, it’s going to glorify Him. So, that’s the message I want people to take [away] from this film.”

Portraying history based on an accurate biblical account, Samson, a Hebrew with an unusual gift of strength, must respond faithfully to God’s call on his life in order to lead his people out of enslavement. On his journey, Samson is captured and blinded by his enemies. Ultimately, he must rely on God for a victory.

The film is a drama with action elements, and a love story that addresses themes of betrayal and redemption. Both men and women will identify with the film, and audiences will be inspired as they realize that life’s failures don’t define one’s future.

“This is an iconic story. I think a lot of people identify with it, and I don’t think it has been done in recent memory,” Scott says.

Ancillary products will be available in conjunction with the movie’s national release, including a book, Samson, from Pure Flix Books and a movie soundtrack, Samson: Songs From And Inspired By the Motion Picture (Dream Label Group). For more details on the movie, visit SamsonMovie.PureFlix.com.

View trailer at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSolF3QBVBY&feature=youtu.be

—Ginny McCabe

Photo credit: ©2018 Samson Movie Production LLC