Gina Dalfonzo is no novice when it comes to getting her words out to the public. She’s web editor for The Colson Center for Christian Worldview and has written numerous articles on cultural issues for publications such as Christ and Pop Culture, Christianity Today, and The Weekly Standard.

Her first book took much longer to write than a feature article—eight years—but she’s still addressing a culturally relevant issue. One by One: Welcoming the Singles in Your Church (Baker Books) speaks pointedly to the need for the church to recognize and receive singles as a vital part of its ministry.

“The church tends to react to the reminder of singles with dismay—‘Oh my goodness! There are singles here,’” she says. “Church has been so family focused for so long that we think that this is the way church should be. More singles means churches must do something different.”

Part of her message is to not be afraid—it’s okay to be single and to have singles in your church.

“We are Christians just like you, serving just like you, and we belong in the church,” she says. “I want to get people thinking at a basic level that singles are people, too. Church people tend to think there is all of us, and also the singles.”

Dalfonzo has been doing radio interviews and guest blog posts, getting positive reviews of the book. “I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from singles about how they’ve been marginalized, which makes me push this message even stronger. People don’t realize how much damage this can do to singles.”

—Ann Byle