You may be familiar with the quote, “The world is changed by your example not by your opinion.”

And while there’s no shortage of people offering their opinion, the numbers dwindle dramatically of those who step forward to actually effect change. The obvious investment of time and money that’s needed to create change can feel overwhelming. As a trade association CBA has endured a barrage of “experts” arguing over whose right and how things need to be done. And underlying all the fuss sits thousands of retailers who are weary of the industry in fighting and are demanding change. The kind of change that rocks the boat. Change that isn’t business as usual (because that’s a flawed model). The kind of change that looks like people who roll up their sleeves toget the work done instead of firing off hateful emails and making boastful claims. CBA welcomes anyone whose willing to take on the challenge of really getting in the mix to effect change. Otherwise we suggest your opinion is just that…opinion. We’ve got work to do and one of our first projects is an awesome Christian bookstore owned by CBA board member Heather Trost. Heather and her husband Carl run The Greatest Gift & Scripture Supply Store in Pueblo, Colorado. Heather, like most Christian retailers, has been hard hit with Amazon and trying to source exclusive products that offer margins strong enough to drive sales and still pay the bills.

Heather has been in meetings with Edward Roush, chairman of The Roush Foundation and CBA Service Corporation, to create a strategy to survive.

Roush is helping by taking an in-depth look at everything from leases to parking and sidewalk issues. Planning meetings with builders and designers to see how a redesign would work and what inventory and systems need to be in place to help fuel a surge in foot traffic and sales. It’s an in depth process of figuring out what customized solutions need to be implemented to help Heather continue to serve her community.

Roush says the store is ground zero for what can be done and what it’s going to take to genuinely create change in the industry.

Trost told CBA News she’s so excited about what’s happening it’s been hard to sleep. “We are so grateful. We see this as a huge opportunity to stay in business,” said Trost.

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