New York Times best-selling author Lisa Bevere debuts her children’s book this month, Lizzy the Lioness (Thomas Nelson). Bevere, who co-founded Messenger International with her husband, John, created Lizzy “as a tool to facilitate conversations where even the smallest child can be a hero. I want these conversations to identify areas of need so that children are empowered to face life with courage,” she says.

Bevere found inspiration for the book in her third grandchild, Lizzy. “I saw how much she wanted to be included, wanted to be big, but continuously met up with the barrier of being too little. I decided to make her the littlest lion cub in a pride of lions. Then I inserted Lizzy the lioness into a fictionalized version of a true story I’d read about a pride of lions that rescued a little girl from her abductors in Ethiopia.”

In Lizzy the Lioness, a small lion cub sees a need and asks her family for help. Together, they chase off baboons that are threatening a village girl. Bevere hopes that children—and their parents—will learn that sometimes the most courageous thing you can do is to ask for help.

“Sadly, we associate asking for help as a weakness when it can be a sign of wisdom and self-awareness,” Bevere says. “I hope mommies will take the message as permission for them to ask for help as well.”