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Is It Dangerous To Buy Things Online?

Online purchases are becoming very popular among customers all over the globe, and the Internet market is growing every year. However, this does not prevent many people from doubting the reliability of online stores. We have weighed all the advantages, disadvantages and dangers of buying things online.

Is It Dangerous To Buy Things Online

Advantages of online stores

  1. Online shopping saves time. In order to buy the right thing, you do not have to go around dozens of shopping centers in search of the particular bike, pair of boots or even medication – just type in the appropriate request into the search engine and find the necessary online store. Shopping can be done at any time since such stores operate around the clock. By purchasing things on the net, you can save at least two hours that would be spent on a trip to the shopping center. Moreover, for maximum user convenience, online shopping sites often provide search by a number of parameters – from the size and color of the goods to information about the country of manufacture and the warranty period, which also saves time. Many stores analyze your requests and offer similar things that may interest you;
  2. Internet purchases save money. As a rule, prices for goods in online stores are much lower than in regular retail stores. This is due to the fact that the cost of opening an e-commerce company is significantly lower – company owners do not need to rent expensive premises in areas with high traffic and keep a large staff. Another advantage of online stores is regular sales, which are much less common in ordinary boutiques;
  3. A wide range of products. Online stores sell a wide range of goods – from clothing and shoes to cosmetics and medication. There are frequent cases when some goods can be purchased only through the Internet. With the help of online shopping, finding a thing you like is much easier than searching for it in ordinary shopping centers;
  4. The full characteristics of the goods. The websites of online stores contain complete information about the product presented – starting from the dimensions and ending with information about the country in which the thing was manufactured. In addition, online retailers often offer discounts and bonuses. For example, some pharmacies give you free bonus pills as a gift or offer free delivery when your order exceeds a certain amount;
  5. Convenient payment options. There are several options for paying for purchases in the online store — you can pay by credit card, e-check, money transfer, cash, etc.;
  6. Multiple delivery options. You can choose the most convenient delivery method for you – regular airmail or express courier delivery. Or you can pick up the goods from the online store. In the latter case, you do not have to pay for mail or courier services.

Disadvantages of online stores

  1. The product can only be evaluated “by eye”. Acquaintance with the purchased goods occurs only upon receipt, and there are frequent cases when the actual does not correspond to the desired. However, online stores are interested in selling products and gaining a good reputation, so most often they sell exactly the things that are listed on their sites. All controversial issues can be resolved over the phone or online chat with a manager, who often works around the clock. You can often return the goods, but in this case, you still have to pay for shipping.
  2. The risk of being cheated. Another disadvantage of buying things online is the risk of being cheated – there are a lot of reviews on the network reporting that the ordered things turned out to be fakes, and the store management refused to return the money. Before making a purchase on the Internet, you need to read reviews about the selected store in order to get a quality product;
  3. Delivery difficulties. If you want to buy a gift for the New Year or a Birthday gift in the online store, then you’d better do this in advance. Otherwise, the delivery of goods may be seriously delayed. Do not forget about possible collapses in the work of the mail post, which may not cope with the large volumes of parcels, as a result of which they lay for a long time in the post terminals;
  4. Registration. In order to make purchases in online stores, most often you need to go through the registration procedure, which, however, does not oblige you to purchase something. However, after registration, letters with information about sales and promotions held by the online store will be sent to your email daily, which can cause unnecessary purchases and expenses. Nevertheless, you can refuse to receive the newsletter and go to the store’s website only when necessary.

What is the danger of online shopping? Learn how to make purchases correctly

Yes, online purchases really save time and physical effort. However, most buyers do not think about the dangers of online shopping. Yes, it is fraught with danger! To avoid unpleasant consequences (for example, refund procedure), just follow some simple tips:

  1. Always read reviews about the online store on third-party resources. There is a large number of scammers on the network who create fictitious virtual stores and simply disappear after receiving payment for the goods. Read reviews about the site on which you intend to make a purchase;
  2. Never make spontaneous purchases. By purchasing things online, we become slaves to the erroneous feeling of lack of purchase. If you want to buy something, be sure to think about whether you really need this thing. You’d better make a list of everything you need in advance and strictly follow it;
  3. Always compare prices at several online stores. So you can purchase the same products but at a reduced cost;
  4. Control yourself. As mentioned earlier, we do not feel the burden of shopping packages, and virtual money is not as valuable to us as real money. That is why many buyers buy unnecessary things without actually getting savings.

Following these simple rules, you can enjoy online shopping. But do not forget that going to the store with friends can bring you a lot of positive emotions.

8 signs of a good online store

How to find out that the store is reliable? We decided to make a list of 8 signs of a good and reliable online store so that you can buy things online without fear. The more of these signs you find at the store where you are going to shop, the more reliable and better it is.

  1. The store’s website has contact information and the seller’s registration data. The first thing to look for on the site is the contact details. This is a phone, e-mail, the name of the legal entity and its details. If there is such information on the site, then this is a good sign;
  2. The managers of the online store are open to dialogue. This is also a good sign. The phone number is written in a large and visible place, there are groups on social networks where you can find profiles of managers and contact them. It’s good if there is an online chat on the site – this is a small window where you can chat with a store employee without leaving the site. The speed of response to email also indicates the interest of managers in working with you. If the company is decent, then you will get prompt and polite answers. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, then you’d better find another seller;
  3. The site looks attractive and works without errors. A site is the face of an online store. If it looks bad, this is an occasion to think about what is wrong with this store. The site should be well-designed and easy to use. You should also refuse from shopping on the site which consists of one single page, which encourages you to buy things right now, without thinking about the purchase. Often there is a timer with a countdown, promises of 50% discounts only in the next three hours and so on. There is nothing wrong with promotions that have a clear end date, but usually the timer should expire and the promotion should end. Go to this site from another browser and you will see that the countdown has started all over again. All this should make you suspicious – most likely they are trying to deceive you;
  4. You can reach the store managers by phone, managers are polite and professional. Now is the time to check how the store managers will talk to you. Dial the phone number indicated on the website and ask some simple questions. Ask how quickly they will ship the order, how much the delivery or something else will cost. It doesn’t matter that this information is already given on the site. It is important for you to hear how they will answer to your question. Answers should be simple, clear and polite. If the manager gets confused, speaks rudely and tries to quickly end the conversation – this is a con and speaks of the quality of the service;
  5. Customer reviews. Look for reviews about the online store. They can be found on the site or in groups in social networks, on third-party websites. It is not so important whether they are good or bad. Keep in mind that reviews are usually left by dissatisfied customers – if everything is fine, then the person is just too lazy to leave a review. Silent approval is normal, and even bad reviews can tell about the store something good, especially if managers respond to them adequately. Sometimes fake negative reviews are published on websites – they are very easy to distinguish from real ones, just think about whether you would leave such a review. If not – most likely the review is fake;
  6. Convenient and secure payment methods. A good online store should have pages on which payment methods and delivery terms are clearly described. In serious online stores, payment can be made on the site itself or on the site of the payment aggregator (these are sites that take over the transfer of money to the seller). If you just see Yandex wallet, WebMoney or Qiwi instead of a convenient form of payment, this means that the owner of the online store simply indicated his or her personal wallet, and a refund of money on order is not guaranteed. Such a payment is not safe and does not oblige the seller to anything, because it is transferred not to an official company but to an individual. In good online stores, it is usually possible to pay with Visa and Mastercard credit cards – this is the most secure and convenient way for a buyer to pay. If the online store turns out to be bad, you can easily call the bank and request a transaction cancellation;
  7. Terms of delivery. Find out the terms of delivery of the goods. Firstly, find out which transport company will deliver the order to you: FedEx, UPS or something else. And find out where the package will be shipped from: from the USA, Canada, or maybe India? Often online stores sell goods that they do not have in stock but ship them from their partners abroad. On the one hand, this is convenient, because often such stores have a very large selection and fairly low prices. On the other hand, the goods can be delivered to you within 2-3 months and in the end arrive defective, and the store will not bear any responsibility. You may get a refund but who will compensate for the months of waiting and the nerves spent? It is better if the product is shipped from the country you live in. Usually, this means that you will receive the product within a week or two;
  8. Warranties, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In good online stores, you can often find information about product warranties. This is not necessary – in any case, you are protected by the law on consumer protection. But it is good if the online store indicates this. You can also look for Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (agreement on the processing of personal data). It is unlikely that you will find something interesting there – usually, they are typical. But it’s good if the online store has it on the website.


It is NOT dangerous to buy things online if you choose a reliable seller. We hope this article will help you find a responsible seller and understand how worthy this or that store. The more signs an online store has, the more you can trust it. Have a nice shopping!