New resources are available for Christian parents. Created by Graham Blanchard’s editorial team of teachers, pastors, and parents, Your Newborn Promise Project: A Christian Pre-Parenting Primer for Husband and Wife explores the vital role of the spiritual abilities to love, remember, seek, question, and persevere.

“Numerous resources prepare adults for the physical life of their child, but not many help them understand the spiritually transformative season at hand—for them and their child,” says Callie Grant, founder of Newborn Promise. “It’s no coincidence that we can create books and curriculum for adults and for children based on the same spiritual abilities. ‘Newborn Promise’ will open parents up to using these abilities to renew the faith of their childhood, or plan for the spiritual life of their growing family, or perhaps come to know Jesus for the first time and discover His words for them.”

Christian retailers can participate in this project, says Grant, by reaching out to local churches and their preschools and moms-day-out programs with “Newborn Promise” resources. She adds, “In both the primer and group study, we encourage parents and leaders to connect with local Christian retailers for more support in growing their family’s faith.”