Personalization has a new look in the Christian marketplace. Intergra Interactive has introduced Personalized Art Signs (PAS), an in-store kiosk-based system that delivers quality art prints. Integra began by doing their research.

“Nearly two years ago we began to study the personalization programs available to gift shops. We learned what retailers thought of them—their strengths and weaknesses,” says David Amster, Integra Interactive president and CEO.

They found the biggest obstacles holding back the majority of retailers from using the existing programs were cost of entry, required inventory, and space requirements to display the program.

“Integra developed a personalization program that overcomes the obstacles and doesn’t duplicate the types of products or styles of the product others are already doing,” Amster says. “One of our guiding principles was to develop a product that could appeal across generations. We tested it at both ends of the spectrum.”

What Integra Interactive arrived at is PAS, a program that is simple to operate. A shopper uses a kiosk in the store to select an art sign template from approximately 170 available. Most templates can be personalized with names, dates, phrases, or graphic backgrounds. After confirming the order, the customer pays for it at the register.

Next, a store employee starts the art printing process from the print app that can be loaded on one or more computers, including the POS computer. The actual printing takes one to seven minutes, depending on the project’s size and ink saturation. The final print is on high-quality perforated photo paper that is then put into a frame and given to the customer.

“There are four custom-sized frames, each available in black or washed oak. The four sizes create six sizes of frames,” Amster explains. “The frames have a quick-release backer so up to a dozen prints can be stored in the frame. One of our value propositions to the purchaser is that the art prints, which can be purchased individually, can be changed out to keep the sign ‘fresh.’”

According to Amster, Integra purposefully launched PAS with a small number of stores in order to work out any kinks. “We released it to 18 stores. It took up to six weeks before all 18 were operational. Part of our research included Integra taking the kiosk to a large consumer show in Nashville where we sold signs direct to the attendees. During a three-and-a-half-day period, we sold 104 signs to people across all age demographics.”

Today PAS is available to Christian retailers, general market gift shops, florists, and hospital gift shops. Amster notes, “In most instances, we aren’t putting PAS in two store locations in the same town. We want the retailer to build business specifically around it. We know that nearly 100 percent of all buyers of a PAS sign are very enthusiastic about their purchase with some even buying signs on two separate visits to the retailer during the Christmas season.”

For more information about this program, contact Integra at or (800) 882-4416 extension 16.