Tim and Lyn Tansey should own stock in stuffed animals. Between their three children—age 13, 11, and 4—“I’m a professional stuffed animal buyer,” quips Tim.

So when Lyn had the idea of creating a stuffed animal line that taught children about the Fruits of the Spirit, Tim was all in.

The Tansey family debuted “Fruit of the Spirit Collectibles” at CBA’s UNITE conference. The nine plush animals represent a different “fruit.” In addition, a dove rounds out the series to an even 10. Fruit of the Spirit 4 Kids (ABC SPIRIT), a board book authored by Lyn and illustrated by Disney and Warner Brothers artist Greg Wray, tells the animals’ stories, giving kids practical ways to show each fruit in their own lives.

“There were really no training tools or curriculum out there to teach our children about the Fruits of the Spirit in a creative, fun way they’ll retain, enjoy, and know that God is fun,” Lyn shares.

“As parents, we all know that things go in one ear and out the other, and this is a way to hopefully get that message firmly into a child’s heart where it stays and grows,” Tim asserts.

Lyn is enthusiastic about creating a resource for fellow parents. “We’re really excited about what God will do with this, so we just turn it over to Him and say ‘thank you,’” she says.

—Lindsay Williams