The Dove Foundation, a leader in faith-based reviews of both Christian and secular films, recently unveiled a fresh look and updated criteria for its Dove “family-approved” seal. Contemporary designs of new seals were rolled out for All Ages, 12+, and 18+. The 18+ category replaces the former “faith-based with caution” seal.

Meanwhile, two rating categories have been added. Moving forward, all films will be given a rating in the areas of “Faith” and “Integrity.” These improvements come in response to the rapid growth of digital and on-demand platforms.

“The Dove seal has been in the market for 25 years and has gone through a series of updates and expansions as new retail and creative challenges faced the organization. As with many brands that grow over time, it’s important to clarify Dove’s position, value, and the role of the seal,” says Dove Foundation CEO Suzy Sammons. “After research and evaluation, we clarified the seal structure to be simpler, while keeping the core criteria the same. While we will always provide a seal of approval for a quick read on ‘wholesome and clean,’ we’re also building a larger arena to equip people to have richer discussions. If we step out of the conversation at ‘not approved,’ we’ve lost our ability to influence.”

To expand its reach, the organization has added six new reviewers to its stable of regular editorial contributors. The fresh voices include pastors, journalists, and film scholars who are also educators, mothers, and movie connoisseurs. In addition, Dove is developing a scholarship to support aspiring Christian screenwriters.

“Everything from Dove starts with a biblical grounding, so by saying ‘Dove Approved,’ the world will know it’s from a faith perspective,” says Sammons. “We always celebrate overt stories of God’s mercy, love, and redemption; but we also want to help people see God in other stories of our human journey and celebrate excellence in those stories.”

Lindsay Williams