“The Secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Socrates

One of the toughest things about change can be finding the time to learn something new or fighting why the change is necessary in the first place. For nearly two decades the numbers have shown that more marketers are putting their money in video advertising on social media platforms than any other format. The cost of tv, radio and print still exceed what’s spent on video marketing in social media, but the number of Ads exceeds almost all other areas combined. Some of the shift is due to the cheaper costs and accessibility of video marketing. But advertising execs on some of the Nations leading social media platforms, say that Data has become one of the biggest driving forces. Marketers using a postcard mailing for example can monitor only how many mail boxes it went to (not eyes on as many people throw away their non essential mail at only a glance) as well as follow up based on codes, coupons used etc…

Video marketing on the other hand can provide advertisers with immediate data of how many views, how long the ad was watched etc…

One of the biggest deterrents to companies using video messaging in the past has been the expense of hiring a production company to create something.

But according to social media trainer, Giovanni Gallucci who touts more than 27 thousand Twitter followers (#giovanni@giovanni), video marketing is as easy as using your cell phone.  Giovanni who was a workshop speaker at Unite 2018, says all too often people are intimidated by thinking their video has to be perfect instead of just picking up their phone, click video and recording something short, specific and hopefully interesting.

Giovanni and other social media experts agree the number one easiest and most effective tool for Video marketing is


If you’d like to add a few other enhancements to your Video Marketing there are also a number of new programs available that can help you create videos without mastering complicated systems.

Here’s a quick look at a few of them.


Has more than 60 unique templates you can choose from to create video ads, animations and presentations.

The free version lets you publish your finished video to Facebook and Twitter, and embed it on your website or blog. Or if you upgrade to the Pro version  at $29 a month, you can remove the Biteable watermark, download your Facebook video and use your own video clips, and more. The  information you provide to Biteable about your business is what they use to recommend templates that work for your specific purpose (sales, events, etc.).


Magisto is a professional video reditoer that helps you create videos using emotional sense technology. It analyzes whatever you’ve shot and edits it into polished videos  can share on various social media platforms.

This system is also available for free or with paid plans that start at $4.99 a month. With the upgrade you can download your finished video, make changes if you’d like and add your own branding.

Magisto is available in both free and paid plans, which start at $4.99/month. To get the most out of this tool, consider upgrading. With a premium plan, you can download your finished video, fine-tune it with the smart storyboard editor, add your own branding.


Lumen5 is another video tool you might want to try. This program lets you create a video three ways: by starting from scratch, using a blog post, or copying and pasting text.

This tool is also available in both free and paid plans. The pro plan is $49/month and it removes the Lumen5 branding and allows users to upload their own branding to the video.

If you’re just getting started, follow Giovanni’s advise and pick up your phone. Practice shooting video of your favorite product in your store or talking about an upcoming event at your store and then post that video to your website or Facebook page. The goal isn’t about having a perfect video, but creating community by building engagement and ultimately driving sales.