Workshops take place on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. All workshops are free of charge and open to any UNITE 2017 participant with a badge.

Wednesday, 4:30-6 p.m.
Thursday, 4:30-6 p.m.
The Bookstore that Matters
David Almack, U.S. Director, CLC International
What does it take to create a contemporary Christian store that matters? And why do you want to do it? David Almack has lived the life of ministry in a bookstore group that has grown in the face of the Internet, Amazon, and big-box discounters. He didn’t do it through transactions, though, rather through opening doors to community and being a place where the Holy Spirit can speak and act.
Bible Journaling: Who, What, Where, When, & Why It Matters to Your Store
Ann Kardos, Logos Bookstore in Kent, Ohio
People are engaging with the Bible not only through reading but also through art, self-expression, and colorful connections that bring the Bible to life. Learn how Ann Kardos is using this modern phenomenon to create community and create a gathering place for creativity, fun, and open Christian dialog.
Gift Merchandising with Purpose
Sherry Morris, Carpentree
Michelle Amster, Integra Interactive
Create environments that enhance the store experience and reflect the customers you’re trying to serve. It’s learnable, achievable, and fun! This hands-on session demonstrates latest techniques, a few creative principles, and a dash of design based on current gift and specialty trends to help customers see themselves in your store. Find out how you can enter your actual store displays to win prizes.
The New Category Management: Coloring Your Store with Purpose
Erik Ernstrom, The Parable Group, ParableConnect
In modern retailing, inventory isn’t just product, it’s a pallet of colors that supports the entire design of the store, its purpose, and how you serve people. The new category management helps you not only paint stock selection but also focus on important customer groups, provide in-store destinations, and help retailers differentiate themselves against Amazon and mass merchandisers. Learn how customer data, history, and preferences merge to drive category management so you can create a store with a compelling presence supported by relevant inventory and offering maximum experience.
Customer Experience is not Customer Service
Wendi Swanson, The Friedman Group
Focusing on the customer experience has become the single most important factor for a retail organization to achieve business success. It creates a significant point of differentiation and competitive advantage that Amazon or Wal-Mart could never duplicate. From The Friedman Group, the world’s top professional training company, learn how to create a great customer experience that gives you the edge.

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