Finding New Markets for Your Books

Learn more about influencer marketing, engaging with authors and their networks, and developing and maximizing unique content using networks, technology, and content. Use “TICC” marketing principles of targeting, interacting, controlling, and building continuity to create marketing plans that work.

Presented by: Daryl Wearring, Head of Marketing, CLC wholesale in the UK
9:15-10:30 a.m., Wednesday, 18 April
Consumer Marketing for Bookselling

Put “TICC” marketing principles to work to enhance the shopping experience, utilize technology, and interact with customers to increase sales. TICC principles are primary marketing approaches for targeting, interaction, control, and continuity for effective marketing.

Presented by: Daryl Wearring, Head of Marketing, CLC wholesale in the UK
10:45-noon, Wednesday, 18 April

Involved in Christian publishing, sales and distribution for more than 30 years, with 15 of those as a senior marketing executive, Wearring has worked for businesses and charities, including top UK publishing houses such as Word UK, Scripture Union and InterVarsity Press. He holds a postgraduate diploma in direct and digital marketing from the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, Europe’s leading body for the professional development of direct, data, and digital marketing.

Leading Worship

Join us for worship during the Tuesday evening banquet with special guest, Ivano Cramerotti.

Presented by: Ivano Cramerotti
5:00 p.m., Tuesday, 17 April

Ivano Cramerotti is Head of IT, Webmaster and Graphic Designer at CLC Italy. He has experience in bookshop management, e-commerce sales, graphic design for book covers and book layout with CLC Italy Publications, online marketing and Technical assistance for POS System of the CLC Italy Bookshops. He has a Secondary School Diploma in IT and attended a local Church Bible School with international teachers. He served as Worship Leader in two Italian Churches in Aprilia and Latina, and as part of the Worship Team at New Hope Christian Center in Sigonella Nato Base. He’s been married to wife Luisa since 2004.