I placed my first order with CROnly!

Here we go, I thought as I clicked the “Purchase” button, marking the start of a brand new venture with CBA. My excitement doesn’t have as muhttp://cbaonline.org/wp-admin/upload.phpch to do with the CCM books, videos, and CDs that I ordered as it does with the power behind the purchase.

Sue Smith, CBA Chairman

“The project is the first of quarterly products developed by Content Road Media Corporation and CBA in a strategic partnership aimed at reinventing the industry and revitalizing the network of Christian stores where most of the Christian product is sold,” says Eric Grimm, CBA director of communications.

I knew my order would be added to the next and the next, culminating in an industry of orders that will begin a new way to do business.

Reinventing the Industry

Changing our industry is a tall order. Yet, if we look at the CROnly proposition carefully, it’s just the beginning of what we all have on our wish lists:

• Exclusive, quality product for all member stores nationwide, with no competition from online giants.

• 55 percent margins on all CD and DVD sales. When was the last time that we saw that much room at the end of a sale?

• Every product ordered puts money back into the industry for future promotions.

The Big Picture

As this initiative takes root, it’s vital that we see the vision in why this is beginning of crazy potential for us. It surely isn’t about selling a few CDs or DVDs—it’s about earning the buying potential that can run directly through our stores.

If we can start with promotion and blow the numbers out of the water, then we’re proving that our collective buying power makes the needle move—ever so slightly at first, but just like compound interest, we make traction as quarter after quarter shows growth upward. Content creators will be watching with peaked attention.

We Will Stand.

Isn’t it interesting We Will Stand is the title of the first CROnly promotion? It literally gives us legs, but patience and diligence has to be out in front of us to give us grip. Let’s get to work—buy high and sell aggressively. We can stand, walk, and then run.