Curtis Riskey,
President, CBA

When you envision growth, what do you see? Busy people working on forecasts, budgets, strategies, and plans? Maybe you see boxes of new products headed out the door or a store packed with customers as product flies off the shelves. Buzz, energy, excitement. But how about hearts open to His leading, followed by hard work and relentless trust in His promises and direction? The posture of our hearts has everything to do with the growth of our businesses, but sometimes we get these out of order.

When was the last time you had a heart checkup—not at the doctor’s office, but at the front door of your business? Maybe you’re experiencing the symptoms of anxiety, uncertainty, blurry vision, and exhaustion—or maybe you’re in a state of excitement, optimism, and hopefulness. In either case, do you take the time to pause and examine where your heart is?

Sometimes we get so busy working for God we forget who we are in Him and what He’s really called us to do. Yes, we were called to work—and, as most of us believe, in this specific industry. But is there a point where we begin working more for ourselves and our own plans than His? Where’s our heart then?

A heart check involves examining whether we’re owners or stewards. As owners, we might have the tendency to grab on to what we know, hold it close, and work in our own wisdom and strength to accomplish our plans. But as stewards, our responsibility is to prepare ourselves to do our best with what’s been given us and work toward the owner’s plans. When we acknowledge God as the owner, it frees us to loosen our grip, open up our hands, and even get out of His way at times so He can work through us. Our heart’s posture becomes one of reliance on Him instead of ourselves.

A heart open to God’s leading requires times of asking Him to speak, and then listening before we move. This starts at the individual level—with you and me. When each of our hearts is open, we grow a business. When our businesses are open, we build an industry; and when our industry is open, we have a movement. This movement requires us to come together for collective times of listening and working cooperatively toward our Owner’s plans.

That time is the UNITE convention. There’s simply no other time set aside for all of us to come together at one time in one place, bringing our hearts, our intellects, and our gifts together as an offering to the Owner who recruited us and strengthens us to continue the work He began in us. Is this where your heart is?

If our hearts aren’t all His, how can we say our businesses are? And if our businesses aren’t all His, how can we expect them to grow? Let’s come together as an industry of stewards, giving God our hearts and all the glory—and let Him lead us toward growth beyond what we can envision.

— Curtis Riskey, President, CBA