Harry Friedman, founder of The Friedman Group

According to Harry Friedman, founder of The Friedman Group:

A world-class customer experience is not mere satisfaction, but an experience that sparks a memorable emotion that causes a desire to repeat the experience.

“It’s not simply about ‘doing things right,’ but to strive to go above and beyond what is right,” Friedman says.

Friedman, a CBA partner, implements processes that become fundamental to the business so every team member knows the significance of what they do and how to do it. It helps ensure every customer enjoys coming into your store and receives the attention and communication that creates engagement.

“In a sales organization, every customer contact is an opportunity for enhanced service and revenue,” Friedman says. “One customer interacts with one employee, and the result either adds to or subtracts from the customer’s perception of the organization—and, in many cases, how much the customer is spending.”

He says the cumulative effect of thousands of interactions comes from singular interactions. “That’s why you must always be concerned with the individual interaction, whether you have five employees or 50,000.”

“Great training is a critical element to ensure your team members make the right choices in those individual interactions.” –Friedman

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