Some journalists are trained learning the basics of how to capture a story, reporting about the who, what, where, when, why and how. Others see their profession more as a story teller. Realizing facts are important but they are rarely what makes us want to watch, listen or read. Good story tellers communicate on many levels. Weaving stories with strong images and sounds. Pictures, audio and words that help their audience experience the story not just learn about it. Good story tellers craft their stories highlighting the universal elements of emotion while sharing something of value. The blog that has a video clip that helps the reader experience something more.

The radio host that has interviews and video pieces on their website.

Technology has given media outlets more opportunities than ever to tell stories well. And CBA is helping all media outlets attending UNITE (and even those that aren’t) have access to the tools they need to tell the stories of what’s happening in our industry.

Daily print, audio and video pieces will be uploaded to each day. Media outlets not attending UNITE, can download videos and articles. Other outlets requesting stories and footage but not able to attend (about 30+so far) will be sent links directly.

More media work stations are set up than in years past, and all outlets have a chance to utilize the daily interviews posted for media and the production room set up for video interviews.

CBA is doing more than ever to ensure that retailers, authors and speakers get their story told. After all, we’re an industry with a powerful message to share!

Media wanting to attend UNITE who have not yet registered, contact Deborah Mash at Or visit the Media Lounge at UNITE to verify credentials and get your “must have” Media badge.

Unite Media and Authors lists are in the link.