Vizant Technologies, the nation’s only independent consultancy and advisory firm in the payment card industry, and CBA Service Corp. have announced a new partnership that will enable CBA’s member organizations to reduce the multitude of costs incurred in the acceptance of credit, debit and prepaid payment cards.

“We are excited about this new opportunity and look forward to working together to benefit the CBA community. Our entire business is built upon a foundation of merchant advocacy in order to ensure that all of our clients achieve the lowest possible cost to accept payment cards,” said Joseph Bizzarro, CEO of Vizant Technologies. “Through this partnership, we will provide ongoing analytical, consultation and advisory services. Our unique and unequalled expertise will ultimately achieve the most cost-efficient payment card environment that is attainable to benefit CBA members.”

As the exclusive payments advisor to CBA, Vizant will utilize its seven U.S. Patents, proprietary analytical processes and thousands of successful client engagements to unmask the complex and intricate interchange rate structure established by card brands. This reduces the many “acceptance and processing fees” that businesses incur accepting payment cards.

“This partnership will give our members the opportunity to directly increase their profit margins by cutting unnecessary fees,” said Michael Regennitter, CBA director of membership. “This is not a transaction service, but a powerful program to reduce overall transaction costs. We’re thrilled to offer this service.”

CBA’s members include independent, regional and national chain retailers as well as more than 500 book publishers, record companies, gift companies and other product suppliers