Illustrator and graphic designer Jayme Brandt partnered with CBA to create multiple art installations for UNITE 2017. Outside the exhibit hall, Brandt’s three-dimensional triangular chalkboard featured freehand lettering and space for attendees to answer questions and contribute ideas. On the second floor of Duke Energy Center, Brandt created a life-size coloring book promoting his imprint Simply Blessed, an apparel line for women. “I thought the coloring book was a good way to get people involved and engaged,” Brandt said from his booth at UNITE. “It turned out a lot of kids wanted to do it, too, so it’s something fun for people to do.” In addition, a third hand-drawn illustration was located next to the Big Idea stage featuring his comics brand, Fish Schticks.

“I use to doodle and draw in my own Bible during church on Sunday,” Brandt said. Having loved art and drawing since childhood, he eventually went to school to become an illustrator. His second job post-college was for a Christian company where he learned about screen printing. Today, his company, Gardenfire, specializes in T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, caps, mugs and wall art. “Every shirt we’ve ever done, I’ve done the art on,” Brandt said. “I’m very interested in gospel messages. I build the art based around the message first.”