New research indicates consumers are 72 percent more likely to take actionable steps (purchasing a product or service) when video is presented.
The research by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business notes consumers who see video of a product or service are also more likely to make a buying decision faster.

The study also looked into other forms of advertising such as print and other promotions, and found most are at least marginally effective.
Stan Black with Circle Take Productions, who’s been editing video pieces for CBA retailer members, credits the power of technology for elevating video to the top spot of effective advertising. “Video can tell a story in an impactful way quicker than most formats, which helps reach today’s consumers who have shorter attention spans than audiences in the past,”says Black.

Black’s team is creating marketing pieces available in downloadable links for retailer members to use on their websites, Facebook, or other platforms.
“Not long ago, if a company wanted to go to the expense of producing a quality video, their only options were expense television buys. Now that same material can reach thousands of people in a target market on various social media platforms. Technology has created incredible opportunity for retailers and consumers,” says Black.

Black and other social media experts will be onsite at CBA’s UNITE 2018 convention July 8-11 in Nashville, providing help and resources available for immediate use, so participating retailer members can see results before they even return home from the event.

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