Bible teacher and novelist Beth Moore is hosting a live webcast on Jan. 20 during which readers can interact with her and discuss her new title, The Undoing of Saint Silvanus.

“I love a community of people, particularly of women,” says Moore. Tyndale House, publisher of her first novel, suggested the idea of an online book club, and Moore quickly jumped on board. “I’ve always thought that it would be fun to be part of a big group that … happened to be reading the same novel and then able to discuss it.”

Desiring to serve others, she hopes this webcast “will be an outreach to people who may have no desire at this point whatsoever to walk into a church and be in a Bible study. Maybe in this environment they might see that we can have fun, we can be imaginative; that it would be a place that is nonthreatening for somebody who’s either terrified or turned off by the [Bible study] event I would normally do. Maybe she’d just be willing to tune in. Maybe she’d have more fun than she thought she might. And maybe Jesus would seem like someone she’d want to get to know.”

Moore is immensely thankful for retailers worldwide, especially since she is brand new to fiction. “I am a recipient of what they do. This is risky for them and that isn’t lost on me, and I’m so grateful.” She asks retailers to pray for their clientele and “be informed about what their customers are really looking for, and then if perchance anything I’ve had the privilege to do, could help meet that need.”

Webcast registration is available on