Leading Korean publishing executive Kyungtae Noh, CEO of Urim Books, is the new director of CBA Korea. CBA President Curtis Riskey commemorated his new position during UNITE 2017, CBA’s international convention, in Cincinnati, Ohio, June 29.

Noh recognized the need for leadership among the Christian publishing and retailing communities in Korea and volunteered to step into leadership to demonstrate and promote unity in the body of Christ to further the Gospel message.

“I want to strengthen the impact of Christian resources in Korea and around the world,” Noh said. He said he would meet with other Korean organizations, such as the Korean Christian Publishers Association and others, to help unify various Christian interests to increase their impact in Korea and around the world.

South Korea has a very strong and vibrant Christian community. About a third of the nation is Christian, primarily Protestant denominations, and there is no dominant religion in the religiously pluralistic nation. Korea is the world’s second-largest missionary-sending nation, just next to the U.S.

Meetings at UNITE 2017 included discussion of a cooperative biannual conference in South Korea for training, international networking, and heightened awareness of Christian literature and content providers.

“Unity strengthens the power of organizations, and I see tremendous opportunity to advance the Gospel through cooperation among Christian organizations and associations,” Noh said.

Riskey said CBA is honored to come alongside such a visionary leader as Kyungtae Noh. “Mr. Noh brings a broad range of successful experience that will benefit the development of Christian resources worldwide,” Riskey said.

As the CEO of Christian publisher Urim Books, and a board member of Korean Publishers Association, Mr. Noh serves as a visionary leader of the publishing industry. Urim Books has published more than 400 Christian titles in 75 languages, including English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and Hebrew.

In 2014, he founded Seoul Central Asset, a financial company in collaboration with Shinhan Financial Group.

He is the recipient of various awards, such as Business Management Grand Prize by Hankook Ilbo, Communication, and Unity Prize by Dong-A Ilbo. The Unity Prize recognizes key CEOs who help move the Korean economy. Noh also has received the Business Grand Prize by Shinhan Financial Group for six consecutive years.

Noh has always believed in strong relationship between Christian companies and the community. He puts his beliefs into practice by conducting extensive social welfare projects through his company. His projects reach out to such organizations as Korea Youth Association, Seoul Hanyoung University (formerly Hanyoung Theological University), Republic of Korea National Red Cross, and others.

He is the president of Seoul Welfare Newspaper, and he received the Social Welfare Prize from the Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan City, South Korea.

During Korea’s recent elections, Noh was a special economy and industry advisor to Moon Jae-in, who was elected the nation’s president in May.

There are 18 affiliate CBA groups around the globe, including CBA USA, each providing association services, training, and events based on local need and support. CBA began its international outreach in 1961 when it established a fund to help international Christian-product retailers and suppliers.