The faith-based brick-and-mortar stores are the backbone of the Christian products industry. Every supplier and publisher needs what only these retailers can offer.

This July hundreds of exhibitors will be showing retail storeowners why their product is worth the investment (see our exhibitor loop on

The CBA convention is historically the largest trade show in our industry. And this year’s early numbers indicate 2018 will be no exception. With the growing squeeze on retailers stretched beyond what they can juggle, even UNITE has seen lower attendance in recent years. But retailers are responding in strong numbers, echoing what all of us have heard: There’s concern for the state of our industry and it’s imperative that change happens now. Revitalizing sales must happen immediately, and UNITE 2018 is that moment in our industry. It’s the time when powerful connection happens and exhibitors showcase all they’re doing in product development and terms to help stores.

UNITE 2018 marks the historic rollout of new programs to help CBA members buy on terms, have real-time data about their stores, and work real-time with production experts receiving free-of-charge marketing tools and video pieces for their social media platforms.

CBA members can receive customized data from one of the leading data companies in the nation— information that will continually be gleaned for member stores to help identify the customer, products, and marketing that’s on target, providing storeowners with information they’ve never seen and couldn’t previously afford.

UNITE 2018 is our industry’s moment for a turnaround that embraces fair trade principles with the extraordinary commitment of an industry that understands we’re infinitely stronger together and we’re holding each other accountable to the God-given mandate to practice the Golden Rule and share the Gospel until all have heard.