1. What does Registration cost?
    See the Registration Info page.
  1. Do I need to be a member of CBA to attend?
    UNITE is open to all retailers (member and non-member) as well as exhibiting suppliers. It is closed to the general public as well as authors and suppliers to the industry who are not currently exhibiting.
  1. My company is a CBA associate/supplier member, but not exhibiting this year. Why can we not attend the convention?
    UNITE’s policy protects the investment of CBA’s current exhibitors. Current exhibitors have paid for the right to sell at the convention. Non-exhibiting suppliers cannot be allowed to attempt to sell their products without having paid for a booth space. This protection is valuable and important for our exhibitors.
  1. How do companies become CBA exhibitors?
    All CBA exhibitors must have active accounts with at least 10 Christian retailers. CBA allows stores to be the ultimate judge of what products are appropriate for the CBA exhibit floor. Federal regulations prohibit CBA from discriminating against exhibitors because of product quality, subject, or religious outlook. New exhibitors go through an approval process and typically enter the exhibit floor in a standard 10×10’ booth. If you would like to exhibit at UNITE for the first time, visit the First-Time UNITE Exhibitor page online.
  1. Do spouses and children need badges?
    Yes. A badge is required for any person to access the exhibit floor. Ages 17 and younger receive a free badge.
  1. Can authors or artists get a badge?
    Independent authors or artists who are CBA members can register under the category of Industry Professional. An exhibit space in Creative Place, a tabletop area designed for smaller or up-and-coming exhibitors, could be a good option. Other authors and artists must be affiliated with an exhibiting supplier or a retail store and badged as a guest of theirs.
  2. Where will Registration be located onsite?
    Level 2 at the top of the escalators leading from the main entrance.
  3. What happens if I lose my badge?
    Your badge is your key to the convention exhibit hall. Security guards will check to see if you have a badge before allowing you in. If you lose your badge, the registration desk can replace it for a reprint fee of $50. Please note that you may be asked to wait until currently registering attendees are served.
  4. What if someone has already picked up my badge, and I have no way to contact him or her to get it?
    Registration will reprint your badge for you if the confirmation letter lists you. The reprint fee is $50.
  1. I need to cancel my pre-registration. Will I receive a refund?
    Please send an email request to within 30 days following the show and each request will be considered separately. There is a $25 cancellation fee.
  1. What do the different color badge holders mean?
    Exhibitors                                                        Blue
    Buyers, Retailers and all others                  Orange
    Professional Badge/Media/Youth              Green
  1. When can my company set up?
    Please note the open installation times for exhibitors. There is no early set-up option. Fees will be charged for late set-up.
  1. Who gets the I&D (Install & Dismantle) badges?
    I&D badges are for those companies that the exhibitors hire to help set up their booths. Exhibitors requiring I&D badges will need to check in with security at the loading dock.
  1. Will there be any concessions open during Exhibitor set-up?
    Yes. There will be concessions available throughout setup and during the conference.
  1. Can I bring my kids on the Exhibit Floor during set-up and tear-down?
    No child under the age of 18 will be allowed on the floor due to safety regulations. This is a liability issue, so we must be firm.
  1. What if I need to stay late on the floor and set up my booth?
    If you need additional hours for set up, please let us know by contacting Katie Ghist, at
  1. Where is the loading dock entrance?
    Duke Energy Convention Center
    6th Street Loading Docks
    525 Elm Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
  1. Is it allowable for potential exhibitors to tour the exhibit floor?
    Tours will be conducted on Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 10:30 am, leaving from Registration.  If you are interested in a tour, please check with Tammy Horvath,, to ensure availability on your desired day. Potential exhibitors will need to complete a Prospective Exhibitor Profile in order for a badge to be printed, so please arrive 15 minutes early. Cost for a tour is $75 per person, and up to two representatives are allowed per company.
  1.  Do I need a badge to attend CBA events? Are they free?To enter the trade show floor at UNITE, you will need to be registered and have a badge. Registration fees vary based on membership.A few events during the convention are open to the public free of charge and without a badge, and these include the Worship Him! Service on Tuesday and general retailer workshops on Wednesday and Thursday.Other events during the convention, including trainings, networking opportunities and a banquet, have minimal admission charges or free tickets to hold your spot. You can see more details about the costs of UNITE events here or during the registration process.
  1. When do doors open?
    Doors generally open 30 minutes prior to the start of an event or as soon as sound checks are complete.
  1. Can I meet an artist/author/speaker?
    Artist/Author/Speaker schedules are directed by their sponsoring companies. Check the program, UNITE Onsite, for a schedule of booth happenings such as author signings and special events with personalities. You can also simply visit exhibitors for opportunities to meet their personalities.
  1. Are pictures/video recordings allowed?
    No. Cameras and video recordings are not allowed anytime on the exhibit floor or during the events.
  1. How do I order an audiotape or CD?
    Some speakers at general sessions will be recorded. These recordings will be made available after the convention on the CBA website.
  1. Where is the Information Desk located?
    In addition to the registration desk on the 2nd floor, you can get convention info at two info booths on the 3rd floor. Info booths will be located near the escalators on the 3rd floor. A CBA info booth with CBA membership info and Ministry in Action info in addition to convention info will be located outside the Grand Ballroom exhibit floor.
  1. Where is the Lost and Found located?
    Lost and Found is located in the CBA booth outside the Grand Ballroom exhibit floor.
  1. Where is First Aid located?
    First Aid is located on Level 1 in the 5th Street South Concourse Lobby.
  1. Is wireless Internet available in the Convention Center?
    Free wireless Internet is available in the public lobbies of the convention center.
  1. How do I participate in UNITE social media?
    We’d love to see your posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! Please use #CBAUnite2017.
  1. Are scooter services/wheelchairs available?
    Duke Energy Convention center has two wheelchairs available at the First Aid office on a first-come, first-served basis. For additional rentals and mobility vehicles, contact Scootaround at (888) 441-7575 for reservations.
  1. Is childcare available?
    Childcare is not provided. Please check with your hotel staff for possibilities.
  1. What are future conference dates?
    July 8-11, 2018 in Nashville, Tenn.
  1. Where is the Press Room located?
    Room 212. The Press Room is where publicists for exhibiting companies can drop off press kits, and media interviews with artists and authors can be scheduled.
  1. How do I register as Media?
    If you are working media, you will be able to register in the Press Room, Room 212. You will need your press credentials. For pre-registration and other info about Media attendance, please see the UNITE Media section on the UNITE website.

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