Tyndale House Publishers announced the addition of two distributors to its operation in the United Kingdom. While maintaining its long-standing relationship with Trust Media Distribution, Tyndale will now also partner with InterVarsity Press and CLC (Christian Literature Crusade) to better serve its constituents in the UK. Products will begin shipping from the newly appointed distributors on Sept. 2, 2013.

“Tyndale has a long history of publishing activity in the United Kingdom dating back nearly 50 years,” said David Endrody, Tyndale’s VP of sales. “As with all markets, changes occur over time, and we have a commitment to ensure our books and Bibles are available wherever people shop. We are very optimistic about how our newly appointed distributors—InterVarsity Press and CLC Wholesale—will complement the solid operational expertise of Trust Media to better serve the UK.”

Added Jim Elwell, Tyndale’s director of international publishing, “With the fast-paced changes taking place in our global markets, we’re grateful we now have three outstanding organizations from which Tyndale products can be sourced. We know all of these companies share a passion for fulfilling our corporate purpose of ministering to the spiritual needs of people.”

Additional information about each entity is available at the following links:
Trust Media Distribution (Tyndale’s current partner) – www.tmdistribution.co.uk

InterVarsity Press: www.trade.ivpbooks.com/trade

CLC (Christian Literature Crusade): www.clc.org.uk/clcwholesale.htm

Tyndale House Publishers: www.tyndale.com.