CBA’s cooperative initiative with The Friedman Group brings top-level, professional retail training that jumpstarts new staff members in customer service and sales, and reinforces management skills to ensure customers return again and again.

The online learning system gives owners and managers tools to help coach team members in customer engagement and in creating experiences that result in top store performance. Tools also include proven management courses with effective techniques to build teams and instill a service culture. Other resources include customizable retail policies and handbooks, timesaving forms, and educational blogs.

Retail is Human-to-Human

“Retail is still a human-to-human proposition,” Friedman President Marlene Cordry said. “In the end, it’s all about what one employee says or does on the selling floor.”

While technology and virtual connections have their place, Cordry said retailing is about taking the time to look customers in the eye and relate to them “Make them believe they’re important.”

She said many retailers have a “fear of irrelevance” because of the overwhelming presence of technology and they have stopped looking customers in the eyes.

“Are you moving so fast that you don’t take the time to see if your team members can—and more importantly want—to execute some of the fundamentals that made you famous or can make you famous? This is the big picture we focus on and we’d love to help you do that better,” Cordry said.

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