Curtis Riskey, President, CBA

Sitting in my office early in the morning, watching the sunshine creep over the mountains that flank our CBA offices, I’m both constantly in awe of where I’m privileged to work and challenged by the tasks before us.

I’ve been thinking a lot about both lately. Certain times of the year seem to encourage more reflective thought. Birthdays, anniversaries, the new year, and here at CBA, the onset of all things convention (UNITE) related. These occasions seem to beg for a healthy dose of deep thought. How can we improve? What are our goals moving forward?

At the forefront of my mind is the gratefulness I have for each of you. We’re partners in this business of retail ministry. While our jobs are very different, we share a defining common bond—a partnership that’s steeped in our commitment to see Christian retail thrive. We understand that the healthier our industry is, the greater our opportunity to impact our world for good. More people through your doors purchasing product isn’t just good for the bottom line, it’s critical to helping others discover and grow in their Christian faith.

We have the undeniable privilege of being a part of this ever-changing industry. 2017 was a year of change at CBA. And never in our history have we been better positioned to help our industry grow in the midst of a changing market.

We’re rolling out some extraordinary things in the months ahead. And thanks to the generous gift of one of our CBA sponsors, we’ve joined forces with an award-winning production team to help create content for our industry that we know can help us unite our efforts in significant ways. (Lots more on this in the weeks ahead.)

Our goal is to help you tell the stories about your stores and authors and artists that are unique to only this market. Connecting those stories of hope and inspiration to your customer base to help drive traffic and increase sales is just one of the many ways we’re improving what we do here at CBA.

We’re embracing new ways to help serve you better, while holding fast to the benchmarks of service we’ve always provided.

As a faith-based retailer you are irreplaceable! Know that we’re doing more than just weathering the storms that threaten our industry—we’re developing new ways to grow the market and bring you even more value in 2018.

I hope you too can enjoy a quiet moment before the demands of your day begin … to rejoice in the victories of where you’ve been and the promise of what’s ahead.