Recent data published in the Direct Marketing Association’s Response Rate 2012 Report stated the average direct mail catalog response rate across all industries is 4.26%. The Parable Group announced that the average catalog response rate for catalogs they produce and mail for partner stores is 16.5%—nearly four times the national average.

“In just about any business segment of the direct mail industry, our 16.5% is a phenomenal response. Our proprietary predictive model is the key to our routine double-digit response rates,” said Jenni Smith, mailing specialist for The Parable Group.

The Parable Group developed a sophisticated segmenting algorithm, nearly 15 years ago, which weighs and prioritizes 18 variables from two years of customer transactional history to predict which customers are most likely to respond to a mailing. The predictive mailing model is continually monitored and yields double-digit response rates. The response rate to The Parable Group 2012 Christmas Catalog was 21%.

The Parable Group also uses specialized software to clean mailing lists for partner stores ensuring lists conform to USPS deliverability requirements, eliminating bad addresses and ensuring the lowest possible postage rate.

“Of course, response rates are only part of the story,” stated Smith. “On average, responders spend an additional $3.00 over customers who do not receive mailings. And responders generate an average of 1.5 receipts per promotion period—meaning responders spend more and shop more often.”

The Parable Group mailed over 2.4 million catalogs on behalf of partner stores in 2012.

The Parable Group currently provides multi-channel service options that allow any Christian store in the industry to select the service mix that is right for their business—whether it be print/mail services, digital/email services and data services. Stores can be part of any marketing group, or not affiliated with one at all, to receive services.