Johnnie Moore, author, speaker, and founder/president of the KAIROS Co., believes his comfortable American version of Christianity had effectively shielded him from the raw, first-century Christianity taking place around the world. His life changed immensely after he witnessed the graduation of theology students in India who had taken the martyr’s oath—and meant it.

His book The Martyr’s Oath tells the stories of real people who are literally living and dying for Jesus Christ. “I believe I am called to be a voice for the persecuted church,” he says. “As my previous book, Defying ISIS, awakened the church to the crisis against Christians in Iraq and Syria, I’m hoping The Martyr’s Oath deepens our relationship with persecuted Christians in dozens of other countries. This book includes the actual words of those who’ve suffered for Jesus—and their words will change you. They call us to live for a Jesus that they are even willing to die for.”

Readers will value the depth of each retelling of these remarkable individuals who are willing to give their lives to proclaim the Good News, no matter what the cost. Moore explains that his research team traveled the world to bring these real-life accounts to light. He wants every individual who picks up this book to have a dramatically changed life thereafter.

“My hope is that the free church will love and help the persecuted church more,” he says, “and that the authenticity of their Christianity there would find its way in our lives here.”

—Michele Howe