When you’re stuck in a challenging place of ‘ridiculously’ tough times and people ask how you’re doing, it’s easy to feel the pressure to respond well. Feeling like you owe those inquiring perfect answers. Especially when you factor in the ‘Faith component’. Juggling the reality of depression or hopelessness with the promise of ‘Don’t stop Believing,’ can be exhausting.
And many people find themselves with nowhere to turn.
The recent suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain have created a lot of conversation around the issues of depression and resources for those struggling with mental health issues.
The reality of alarming rises in suicide rates is a potent reminder of the extraordinary resource faith based bookstores offer to their community.
The one on one help to locate a special Bible to personalize, a great book about finding hope, or music to encourage is something unique to every faith based book store.
Most store owners understandably see their role as a ministry, and the reminder that some of their customers are among those struggling to put on a brave face during a season of depression is reason enough to ensure everyone is greeted in a personal and meaningful way. And that all store employees are well versed with the inventory and can offer guidance in selecting materials.
Whether the customer is seeking a book of music resource for themselves or for a hurting friend, no big box or online store will ever be able to be the resource of hope and compassion that a faith based retailer can.
Some store owners have also begun exploring opportunities to have mental health events in their stores highlighting authors and artists and events sponsored by local suicide prevention centers.
Drilling down to the most foundational needs of a community can be one of the most rewarding opportunities for store owners. A powerful way to help the hurting and perhaps become a resource the community has forgotten about.
Please follow the link for a downloadable video for use on your social media page. #Hope
Visit ChristianStores.org/suicide for resources.