Something’s changed!

In your hands is more than just a new magazine—it represents big changes for CBA and our industry. The new name—Christian Market—reflects a broader vision to break down barriers and unify behind our common industry mission like never before.

Every area of our industry faces similar issues, challenges, and struggles, and Christian Market provides a place for our entire industry to meet all year, start conversations, share wisdom, and inspire collaboration. It reinforces our interdependence.

Like changes you’ll experience at UNITE 2016 this summer, we’ll take on the tough issues, spark ideas, and bring our praise and thanks to God … together. Unity in mission is our theme, and bringing glory to God is the ultimate outcome.

But have we fully considered the cost for each of us to unite? As much as I believe in the expanded power our industry could have if we were more united in mission, I won’t gloss over what it takes to get there.

Could we be satisfied that remaining as we are—business as usual, not changing anything—will mean struggles get easier, burdens lighter, the future more bright? This is not only unrealistic it’s also foolish.

To unite, change is the cost.

What are you willing to change for the sake of unity? Are you ready to take an objective look at your business, your “we’ve always done it this way” processes? Could you consider the needs of others in the industry and make changes that will grease the wheels of all our work? How much time do you spend planning to enable others to succeed in the Christian-products ecosystem? What would you change to help others advance in our shared mission?

No quick answers, simple fixes, or guaranteed results exist. We have only the encouragement of being united with Christ and by looking not only to our own interests, but also to the interests of others (Philippians 2:1-4).

We experience the same challenges and struggles. We need each other to advance the mission, and we bring glory to God when we are united. Is unity worth a little change?

Our decisions determine our future.