Fiction series leads readers to discovery of truth and love.

Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker, author of more than 40 novels and with over 10 million copies sold, fuels his stories in part from his upbringing as the son of missionary parents to Indonesia. Dekker’s newest series includes two books, The 49th Mystic (May 2018) and Rise of the Mystics (October 2018), which are set in the same universe as the “Circle” series yet are complete stories in and of themselves.

Dekker revisits the “Circle” series as a way to explore the reality that Christians live in two different dimensions. “Exploring life in two dimensions is invaluable for all Christians because we currently live in two dimensions: The kingdom of the world as we see it, and the kingdom of heaven, which, according to Jesus, can only be seen as we are reborn into a whole new perception of reality,” he says.

‘A wild ride’

Dekker’s work helps readers to explore the difficult questions of life and faith that he wrestles with himself. Using story to communicate biblical principles rather than offering a sermon, Dekker’s novels invite readers to personal introspection and response. The author says, “Story is the language of our lives, far more than lists of doctrine and stated beliefs. In this way, story is more true than most nonfiction. A reader’s discovery of truth depends entirely on where they are in their own journey of life. At the very least, I hope to give them all a wild ride they won’t soon forget.”

Within the sagas of the “Circle” and “Beyond the Circle,” Dekker helps explore one primary theme. “Who are we, why are we here, and how do we find peace in this life? In the end, only as we awaken to who we are in Christ can any of us find ourselves at peace.”

Fresh sight

The main character in The 49th Mystic is blind Rachelle who gains sight, loses it again, and regains it. In each instance, Rachelle’s perceptions of life, reality, and truth were challenged. Dekker shares how Jesus relentlessly taught about perception. “The eye (one’s perception) is the lamp of the body (determines your life in body). If your perception is clear, your whole life in body will be full of light. If your perception is bad, you will see darkness and suffer. Like Rachelle, we are all born blind. So then, we are all taking the journey of blindness to sight as we surrender our perception for His.”

Dekker’s hope is that as readers delve into the sweeping story of The 49th Mystic that they will realize Christ’s love for them in a powerful fresh way. “I want readers to be riveted by a gripping story that mirrors their own life. In that story, I hope they see Jesus’ way to the staggering love that holds no record of wrong. In the end, The 49th Mystic is a love story. May we all discover the love of Christ and be that same love to the world.”

‘Wells of nourishment’

As potential buyers walk into Christian bookstores, Dekker’s work happily finds itself in a category of its own making so that it can be easily offered to individuals who are struggling in equal measure to those who just want a great escape.

He says, “These novels are full of suspense, romance, adventure, and thought-provoking inquiry, all wrapped up in one girl’s quest to find five Seals of Truth before it’s too late.”

Dekker personally values today’s Christian bookstores stalwart hearts that dedicates themselves to offering hope and practical helps to those who are struggling to find themselves in this life.

“You are wells of nourishment in a wasteland of questions and disappointments. To this end, I honor and bless all of you. You have no idea just how far reaching your ministry reaches. Thank you!”

—Michele Howe