On March 23, Tyndale House Publishers will honor Margaret West Taylor, wife of the late company founder Dr. Kenneth N. Taylor, on her 100th birthday at a special chapel program.

When Tyndale House launched in 1962, the Taylors had 10 children. In the dedication of his autobiography, Ken Taylor writes, “[Margaret] worked unceasingly at home during the family years,” and later describes her as “the stronger one.”

Margaret also had a hands-on role in the business, working as a proofreader, order-entry clerk, and business manager, and effectively serving as Tyndale’s first COO. She retired in 1981 after having worked for 19 years.

In April 2001, Tyndale House achieved record annual sales of $178 million. Later that year, the Taylors donated the majority of their company stock to the Tyndale House Foundation.

Throughout Margaret’s 100 years, she has been, and continues to be, a living example of what it means to love and follow Christ. It is the company’s hope to carry on the Taylors’ legacy for the next 100 years and beyond.