Do you have a global business? If you’re part of the Christian products industry in any way, I suggest the answer is “yes”—we just may not always think about it like that, day-to-day.

Curtis Riskey, CBA President

An excerpt by G. Davey in the 2016 World Christian Expo program illustrates how Christian resources transcend geographic boundaries and cultures to change the world: “John Wesley was converted by reading the introduction to Luther’s Commentary on Galatians; John Newton found faith and forgiveness in the middle of an Atlantic storm as he read The Imitation of Christ by [the German/Dutch] Thomas A. Kempis … George MacDonald wrote fine literary Christian works that came into the hands of C.S. Lewis, who wrote many books, including Mere Christianity. Former USA presidential aide, Charles Colson, studied this book and became a believer. He, in turn, has written more books that are bringing yet more people to Christ. The chain goes on.”

Christian authors, artists, publishers, booksellers, and distributors are all part of one global chain that has been growing link-by-link, from the printing and distribution of the first Holy Book to the multitude of resources we have today.

The questions before us now are, do we see our co-laborers and ourselves as integral links in this chain, and how will we work together globally to ensure the chain is unbroken and our mission advanced?

A good place to start is by continuing to come together, linking arms with our brothers and sisters around the world, listening to each other’s challenges, and learning from each other’s wisdom. When we share ideas and encouragement, pray for one another, and dream a little, we all grow. The chain is strengthened through the power of our connection.

Coming together also helps each one build plans around the mission that unites us instead of focusing on our own interests and competitiveness. Will we do good to one another, try new things, pick each other up when we make mistakes, and rally together to overcome challenges? The power of grace hardens the tensile integrity of our chain.

The assets and talents God has entrusted to those within our global industry are too great to be squandered on a small vision. Everything we once knew about our work is changing and the obstacles sometimes seem insurmountable. But when God gives His people a vision, hasn’t He always made a way to attain it? The power of our God will keep the chain unbroken.

Where are you in this chain? If a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, each one of us is critical to the mission. It’s time for us to set aside distractions or differences, link arms, and strengthen our industry’s chain.

— Curtis Riskey, President, CBA