Dr. Kevin McAfee, Film Commissioner
CBA Film Commission

Dr. Kevin McAfee has a heart and mission for films about family, faith, and freedom. His work as Film Commissioner seeks to improve how Christian films are produced and distributed, especially linking film distribution and box office to Christian-retail stores –outposts for ministry and mission in local communities.

Dr. Kevin McAfee

McAfee serves on Lipscomb University’s Film Advisory Board and its graduate film program in Tennessee. A four-decade-long film producer and director, McAfee has produced and directed several movies. As CEO of the Hobby Lobby-owned film company Every Tribe Entertainment, he produced Beyond the Gates of Splendor (2002) and executive produced End of the Spear (2005).

After founding the nonprofit Veritas Mission Film Association, McAfee created Last Ounce of Courage (2012), which was endorsed by actor Chuck Norris. The company has an online prayer arm seeking support for films on the global horizon, he said

McAfee also founded GR Productions LLC, a for-profit film-production company, “to impact culture with purpose for audiences everywhere.”

He has been winning dozens of awards from global film festivals for his latest directorial work, a feature documentary planned as a special project only for Christian stores. He is seen and has appeared on FOX & Friends for his films about family, faith, and freedom.

Actress and film producer Roma Downey, left, meets with Dr. Kevin McAfee during film event at Lipscomb University

McAfee helped market films such as the premiere for Warner Brothers’ Twister, and has had a long-time relationship with Disney Studios since college.

He worked in the animation halls of two major studios and the last one was Nest Entertainment, where he served as a studio executive during the production of the Animated Stories of the Bible.



Heart of Gratitude 

Kevin McAfee expresses gratitude for his new work and offers insights on his strategic direction in this post of thanks.