Big changes happening at Facebook are making it harder for businesses to reach their audience “organically.”
With the elimination of Facebook features like “Trending News” and partner relations, businesses are discovering their reach is significantly lower than just a few months ago.
There have always been two ways to market on Facebook. Organically, by providing relevant content to your audience through posts, memes, videos and Facebook Lives and by strategic advertising.
The organic way is not working like it use to and most Social Media experts agree it’s unlikely building an audience organically will ever be the same.
Effective reach now falls more heavily on Advertising. And higher demand will predictably drive advertising costs higher.
Compared to more traditional advertising, Facebook ads are still relatively inexpensive. But paying for Ads puts a greater importance on having a well constructed Ad campaign.
“Story telling will always be one of the most effective ways to advertise,” said Deborah Mash one of the Social Media workshop leaders at UNITE 2018.
CBA Retailer Members will have access at UNITE to commercials and video ads created especially for them.
“The focus of the workshop and the videos is to give members the tools they need to build their brand and achieve their business goals,” said Mash.
Mash and her team at Circle Take Productions are an Emmy award winning team of videographers, writers, and editors working on site at UNITE to help retailer members launch an effective social media strategy. The commercials and tools are being made available as part of a million dollar gift to CBA Retailer Members from Edward Roush, Chairman of the Roush Foundation.