Expert advice and free tools for retailer members at UNITE 2018.

Stan Black and Giovanni Gallucci will provide state-of-the-art social media training, tools, and consultation at UNITE 2018.

What if you woke up tomorrow and found that everything you knew about social marketing had changed—again?

The New Model of Digital Media Workshop at UNITE 2018 is geared to give you the confidence and competence to tackle change, head on.

The workshop covers most social media platforms, not just Facebook. It promises to be an engaging hour of learning easy-to-implement steps that will help you use the tools and technology to engage your customer base and generate conversation and sales.

“Engaging your customers is the most powerful way to create an online presence that becomes an effective marketing tool,” says Giovanni Gallucci, social media expert and workshop speaker.

Gallucci has spent his career engaging online audiences for companies in entertainment, food and beverage, sports, fashion, and technology. As an Emmy, Telly, and Webby Award-winning digital strategist, Gallucci will be sharing how to build a loyal online audience. This workshop is geared for the novice, but the engagement steps outlined can take even a robust online following to the next level.

Gallucci will also explain the “how it’s working” piece of search engine optimization (SEO). As an SEO specialist, Gallucci and the Emmy and Telly Award-winning production team at Circle Take Productions have produced a number of videos for CBA retailer members— high production value pieces provided to retailer members as part of the one million dollar gift from Edward Roush, chairman of The Roush Foundation.

“Well-produced videos are one of the best ways to communicate a message and engage an audience,” says Gallucci, adding that videos with a high production value are usually outside the budgets of most companies, but are the powerhouse of SEO and online marketing.

“I’ve taught in social media workshops around the globe—from my hometown of Dallas, Texas, to a conference in Dubai,” Gallucci says, “and most attendees leave with a lot of helpful knowledge. But the value of getting information and SEO message-rich videos is huge.”

The customized videos will be given to CBA retailer members as downloadable links, or uploaded directly to their sites by the social media experts working onsite at UNITE 2018.

“We’re making the process as turnkey as possible,” says Stan Black, an award-winning editor with Circle Take Productions. Black’s work airs in internationally televised faith-based programming and nationally televised commercials, documentaries, and TV series. He says his team at Circle Take Productions has focused on high-impact, message-driven videos.

“Our videographers, producers, and editors have spent months filming, writing, and producing commercials for retailer members,” says Black. “It’s the first time in the industry that highly produced videos have been created for faith-based stores for the unique purpose of driving customers to the store, not just to buy a specific product.” Black adds that the difference in advertising that’s all product-focused versus store-focused is in the long-term level of engagement.

“Our production team has created a variety of videos that creatively communicate a message unique to faith-based stores,” says Black.

Black, Gallucci, and other social media and production experts will be onsite leading workshops and offering retailer members one-on-one help with their social media accounts.

The videos will also be shown on the big screens at UNITE 2018 for all attendees.

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