MLM makes Christian literature available to all nations and people.

Jim Pitman, director of CLC’s Multi-Language Media (MLM), recently spoke with Christian MARKET on the efforts of MLM, his role in leading the endeavor, and how it helps to fulfill CLC’s strategic vision of making evangelical Christian literature available to all nations.

“From the time I was a little kid, I had an understanding of the power of the Scripture in somebody’s heart language to really change a life; my wife was the same way. She was also a child of missionaries,” Pitman explains, noting he and his wife have been missionaries with CLC for 21 years.

“I’ve run bookstores, our publishing department, and different areas, but one of the things that would always stand out to me when I was in our bookstores was how many people would come in and ask, ‘Do you have a Bible in Italian?’ Like most people who love God’s Word and are involved in distributing it, you hate telling people you don’t have something,” he says.

When Pitman started receiving multiple requests for Bibles in French, he tried to find out where he could get them and learned about Multi-Language Media, which was run by a couple who had been missionaries with Operation Mobilization at one point.

“They had a business in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, where they sold foreign-language Bibles, New Testaments, and books for evangelism and things like that,” Pitman says. “So, I got to know them, and that opened things up for us in the bookstore.”

For over 30 years, Jay and Jean Krause had developed and operated the ministry of Multi-Language Media, shipping thousands of foreign-language books and Bibles in Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, French, and many other languages. The ministry served Christian bookstores, churches, ministries, and individuals, and the annual Multi-Language Media catalog was a must-have resource for anyone looking to find Christian products in other languages.

Upon the couple’s retirement, CLC officially took over operations for MLM and moved its headquarters to Fort Washington, Pennsylvania.

CLC Multi-Language Media specializes in providing Bibles, New Testaments, Gospels of John, evangelistic booklets, and tracts in over a hundred languages to bookstores and consumers across the United States. CLC’s multiple bookstores around the world also provide added knowledge and allow them to improve the stock they can import.

“My goal for Multi-Language Media as it relates to Christian bookstores has always been that we could be a resource. So, if someone comes in and says, ‘Do you have a bilingual Japanese Bible?’ they’ll be able to say, ‘Hold on, let me check,’ and pull up our website. They can go there, and they’ll have a specific discount that’s for their bookstore,” says Pitman.

Bookstores can place orders directly at Bookstore staff can search by language, by Bible, New Testament, or the desired product. The site also displays in-stock quantities. CLC Multi-Language Media provides bookstores within the United States a discount code that can be applied at checkout. Retailers should contact MLM to set up an account prior to ordering. Orders are usually shipped within a day or two of when the order is placed.

“What we’ve seen in this past year is our sales are close to double what they were a year ago,” says Pitman.

Retailers wishing to promote the products without carrying the inventory can simply put up a sign that reads, “We carry Bibles in over 100 languages. Ask us.” Then, they can bookmark MLM’s site at their point-of-sale and take the order at the register. Products can be shipped direct to the customer or to the store.

—Ginny McCabe