Project delayed to build expanded church outreach and promotion

Expanding marketing strategy coming for popular film’s launch

The Samaritan, a feature documentary with Col. Oliver North directed by Dr. Kevin McAfee (End of the SpearLast Ounce of Courage) is a key project from Content Road Media Corporation to benefit Christian retail.

It’s a story of freedom and sacrifice among oppressed and persecuted Christians in Communist-controlled Romania.

Because of the enthusiastic response to the film and it’s continuing recognition at leading film festivals, launching the film with Christian Retail Only has been delayed to develop an extended marketing strategy involving strong outreach to churches in cooperation with Christian stores. Plans also call for possible theater screenings in concert with local stores in promotion and sales.

As an Official Selection chosen over hundreds of films submitted for the recently held secular Macon Film Festival, The Samaritan won another laurel in what promises to be one of many to come in the future.

Content Road plans quarterly product-release schedules with both low price-point premiums and first-run projects for key selling seasons. Products will feature books, music, DVDs, and specialty items to complement retailer product assortments and provide a high margin item not available everywhere.