Want store traffic this Christmas season? Don’t lose sales to online customers. Get more customers in your store through Get It Local Today.

Bill Sharp of Living Room Bookstore in Bastrop, Texas, is looking forward to the program’s launch in time for Christmas shopping. But enough retailers need to sign up to make it viable to start referring customers.

“We are very excited about the ‘Get It Local Today’ program,” Sharp said. “We feel local businesses strengthen the communities they are in by supporting community life and activities, and if consumers realize they can get the same quality products from a local business at comparable prices, they will be willing to purchase from their local Christian Bookstore.”

He lauded Christian publishers who are agreeing to link to the “Get It Local Today” website to provide greater awareness of local business that already have the product in the store. “It should help bring people into our stores,” he said.

The free program, created for all Christian stores in the industry, enables customers to reserve products promoted on vendor websites and then pick them up in a local Christian store—even if retailers don’t have an e-commerce website!

All retailers do is enroll, report to CROSS:SCAN so their inventory can be displayed online, and provide an email to receive customer requests to reserve their products! Inventory visibility is critical to give consumers confidence product is in stock so they won’t waste time if it’s not there.

Plus, it’s FREE for you to join!

Get It Local Today allows you to:

  • Leverage direct customer referrals from Christian publishers
  • Broadcast your store’s inventory and compete online
  • Capture the sale in-store from customers online
  • Serve more customers with life-changing products

Enroll in Get It Local Today.