Retail Academy trains and equips retailers.

On Tuesday, June 27, the new and improved Retail Academy offers one-hour sessions, including inaugural sessions from a new CBA partnership with leading retail-training company The Friedman Group, plus marketing and operations sessions led by industry leaders.

The Foundational Track discusses essential elements for successful stores. The Advanced Track offers long-time retailers in-depth content on marketing and management.

Register for six sessions and lunch for $50. Or individual sessions are $10 each, and lunch is $10.


Foundational Track
Advanced Track
Course 1

8:15-9:15 a.m.

The Business of Bookselling:  Understanding Your Financial Statements
Learn important principles for making gradual, achievable movement toward a sustainable and profitable ministry/business. Learn to understand and use basic financial statements (balance sheet, operating and cash flow statements) and key ratios to compare progress over time. Set key financial goals for your store, your self and your staff.  Learn to calculate Inventory turns, labor productivity, space productivity, and return on investment. Better understand the impact of discounting, shrinkage (shoplifting and employee theft) and how marketing impacts your bottom line.
Jack Scott, Scott Marketing and Training
Course 2

9:30-10:30 a.m.

Marketing for a Store That Matters
Learn essential foundations to build an effective marketing strategy that helps you present a store that matters. See how simple planning helps coordinate your marketing and advertising to achieve your strategic and mission goals. How do coupons and events work together to create excitement in the store, and how do you create a destination that people want to be there and to return again?
Jim Pitman, CLC
Leadership: Who are you and why would I follow you?
What does it take to be a respected leader who has the cooperation and enthusiasm of the team? Leadership can be learned, and knowing the varying levels of leadership development can impact your ministry and business effectiveness. True leadership cannot be awarded, appointed, or assigned. It’s about winning hearts and helping people grow personally. Leading through communication and appropriate action plans can increase your store’s impact and success.
Wendi Swanson, The Friedman Group
Course 3

10:45-11:45 a.m.

The Business of Bookselling: Understanding Inventory Management
Which is better: greater margin or faster turnover?  BOTH!  Better inventory management improves your margins and provides you with a cleaner, newer look that attracts customers. Review the history of inventory management and how we got to computerized systems that calculate budgets and monthly open to buy/receive so you can make gradual, sustainable progress towards maximum inventory turnover.  Lots of common sense, practical ideas that help you increase sales volume and the velocity of products moving through your store.  Inventory is your largest asset. Are you maximizing the return on that investment?
Jack Scott, Scott Marketing and Training
Make Your Digital Marketing Work
Build effective digital marketing strategies that connect you with customers, welcome new ones, and leverage national vendor promotions. At this advanced marketing session, Steve Potratz, head of The Parable Group, will share his experience building a data-driven Christian marketing agency that has connected retailers, products and services to faith-based consumers for 30 years. Learn insider techniques that build your digital presences, customer connection, and relationship using mobile, SEO, search results, key-word buys, and more. Make your posts professional and engaging, and discover proven social-media strategies that actually get results you want.
Steve Potratz, The Parable Group, Inc.
12:00-12:45 p.m. Lunch Lunch
Course 4

1-2 p.m.

Gift & Specialty Buying: Making Gift Campaigns Work
Build a strategy that works to meet customer needs, increase sales, and avoid out-of-stocks to maximize sales. Learn how to create a plan focused on customers, gain insights into mart and convention buying to fulfill the plan, and see how basic inventory management and category measurements build success.
Sherry Morris, Carpentree
Bringing Your Team Together
Connect your team members to the store mission and your profitability are critical elements of a high-performance team. How do you ensure individual accountability and a focus on the customer that results in sales in the context of your mission? Learn the process to create mutual understanding, clear expectations, and staff empowerment that make a difference.
Wendi Swanson, The Friedman Group
Course 5

2:15-3:15 p.m.

Are you being held hostage? Bench strength yields freedom!
A strong, competent team gives you the ability to work on your business, not in it. Learn proven disciplines and techniques from The Friedman Group that define essential competencies you need and ensure effective training and development that builds optimum team performance. See how building a recruiting pipeline keeps you in touch with top talent that keeps you at top of mind with your customers.
Wendi Swanson, The Friedman Group
Course 6

3:30-4:30 p.m.

Customer Engagement: Can I help you? No, just looking!
Customer engagement and relationship building are critical skills for today’s retailers. What does that mean? Are you approaching customers out of habit, or out of compassion and a desire to connect where the customer is to serve them with excellence?
Wendi Swanson, The Friedman Group
Tell Me Who You Are: Understanding Customers
Just like any friendship, if you understand the other person you can build a lasting relationship. Today’s retailers have technology and the tools to capture information from customer interactions that keep you proactive, able to personalize offers, and help you understand what your customers want. This makes relevant product assortment, marketing, and in-store experience much easier to achieve—both online and in the store. This intermediate class is for people who have foundational inventory management skills and understand basic customer relationship management principles.
Erik Ernstrom, The Parable Group, ParableConnect

Jack Scott offers additional opportunities to grow: Sign up for free consulting.
Jack Scott, seasoned professional with 30+ years in the industry, will also conduct free consulting sessions with buyers. Interested attendees can sign up online for a free 30-minute time slot.

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